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The lips are a central part of the face and an important feature of femininity and attractiveness. Lips come in various sizes and shapes but there are certain characteristics that make lips attractive and in balance with the rest of the face. Lip augmentation is commonly used to treat smaller lips to give it more shape and size. Attractive lips are not just bigger lips. In fact, overly large lips can look unnatural and cheap. If you look at any face of a model that people find attractive, you will notice that there is a special relationship between the lips, upper teeth and size of the lips. If the skin of the upper lip is too long, and there is no upper tooth show when the mouth is slightly open, then augmentation is the wrong treatment. Augmentation will make the lips look larger but not attractive. Lip lift will serve to shorten the upper lip, ‘roll out’ the lip which will increase the amount of red lip show, and allow for that just right amount of upper tooth show.

Surgical Technique

Dr. Champaneria has refined the technique of a lip lift to give the best natural results, hide the incision, and minimize recovery. Lip lift is done through a small incision hidden in the crease under the nose. The incision is sometimes extended inside the nostril for certain patients with favorable anatomy. The incision is closed with tiny sutures, which are left there for 1 week. The procedure is done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on patient preference.

During/After Surgery

Dr. Champaneria is an expert in this type of procedure using the most advanced, effective and meticulous technique. The recovery is generally easy. There mild to no discomfort for 1-2 days initially. There is minimal swelling and minimal bruising. The sutures are removed around day 7. Initially the incision can appear red as it is healing but this subsides week by week. Dr. Champaneria follows his patients very closely to ensure everything is healing optimally. As a general rule, the incision is hard to see after 6-8 weeks but results can vary depending on the individual.

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Lip Lift FAQs

Should I get lip fillers or a lip lift?

Generally, lip filler is typically used to enlarge thinner lips, if you are happy with the shape. It is also temporary. A lip lift will shorten the upper lip, ‘roll out’ the lip, and allow for some upper tooth show. Lip lift results are permanent.

Does lip lift change you smile?

Lip lift procedure improves your smile. By elevating the upper lip, you achieve aesthetic harmony around the mouth area and a more attractive appearance overall.

Can lip lift surgery improve aging lips?

Lip lift surgery can accommodate the needs of different people from many walks of life, including those that would like to restore youthful lips. Aging lips can appear thinner and begin to droop. With a lip lift, the top of the lip is lifted to achieve a plumper appearance.

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