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As we age, we begin to lose volume in our face. Facial volume restoration can make one look years younger. This can be done either with fillers or facial fat grafting. With facial fat grafting, your own fat cells are harvested and then placed into your face to restore any lost volume. The main advantage of facial fat grafting is that the results last longer unlike those from fillers, which are just temporary. Furthermore, since you are using your own fat cells, there’s minimal risk of an adverse reaction. Many patients who don’t like the idea of putting something foreign into their body embrace facial fat grafting for exactly this reason. Dr. Champaneria has had thorough training in facial anatomy so he knows where and how much volume is needed to give your face a natural looking, youthful contour. Facial fat grafting may be performed alone or as part of a facelift.

Surgical Technique

Dr. Champaneria will see you in the preoperative area and will mark the areas on your body from which you want the fat removed. The areas typically harvested are the arms, abdomen, flank, back, and/or thighs. The first step with facial fat grafting is to liposuction fat cells from a donor site, typically your inner and/or outer thighs and stomach. These harvested fat cells are then transplanted back into the depleted areas of your face using very fine needles. The result is a plumper, more youthful-looking face.

During/After Surgery

Facial fat grafting is always done in an accredited surgical center under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. The surgery usually takes about 1 to 2 hours. Swelling and bruising are very common after surgery and will slowly resolve over the first 2-3 weeks. You will also experience some discomfort, swelling, and bruising around where the fat was harvested. For the first several weeks, the surgeon will recommend the use of a compression garments in the areas that received liposuction. Patients may go back to work within 5-7 days and may resume physical activities (such as exercise) between 4-6 weeks post-operative. Results following a facial fat grafting are usually visible immediately after the surgery.

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Facial Fat Grafting FAQs

What areas are good for facial fat grafting?

The areas most often injected are the cheeks, lips, temples, jawline, and around the eyes.

Should I choose fillers or facial fat grafting?

Facial fat grafting results in complete volume restoration while fillers are only temporary. Although there is initially more downtime associated with facial fat grafting, it doesn’t have to be repeated every few months as is done with filler.

How much fat transfer stays?

Typically after any fat transfer procedure 50-75% of the fat remains in the long term. Some patients may require multiple procedures to obtain their goals.

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